Our fields in bloom




Welcome to our farm of 40 hectares in Sologne. You will admire our magnificent flowers in full bloom among woods, ponds and blueberry fields. The colouring of the irises are delicate to flamboyant and the peonies are simply breathtaking. The month of May through the beginning of June is the time to visit.


During the summer, in July, a few hectares of daylilies reveal all their charm. Please take the time to stroll and admire the amazing range of daylilies: From small flowers to spiders, from white to dark brown, from small roundy petals to sharply cut petals;


Here is a summary of the different seasons when our plants grow.


Before ordering, you may visit our three exhibition gardens: irises, daylilies and peonies.

We have arranged the plants classified in alphabetical order to simplify your order. 


We organize open days at the end of May. It is the best time to admire our flowers and see their true colours. If you wish you may arrange a fresh bouquet of flowers on site. It is also an ideal time to share your love of these magnificent flowers or to benefit from expert advice.


Feel free to contact us and check the exact dates of any of these open days or exhibitions as they may change depending on the vagaries of the weather.